Our Loyal Donors

Two major fund raising campaigns have been held to secure the future of historic Rogers House and the ecumenical Campus Ministry it currently houses. Our loyal donors have generously contributed over $0.00 over the years. We would like to deeply thank each one of them.

For more information, please contact: the Campus Ministry Center at campusministry@comcast.net

Donations may be sent to: Rogers House Preservation Fund, Campus Ministry Center, 293 Willey Street, Morgantown, WV 26505.

Completed Projects

Since the Campus Ministry Center moved into the Rogers House in 1984, we have been maintaining this historic home. At first it was paint and wallpaper and now includes major projects such as a new drainage system and driveway, utility upgrades, a rebuilt front porch and a whole house painting and roof repair. The building has been rewired to modern code and a major support beam has been rebuilt to hold the weight of this 1857 house for another 100 years.

A recent architecural survey suggested additional changes, so we have upgraded to central air to preserve the windowsills, and added storm windows, which will protect the windows and break winter's cold drafts. A hardwired fire alarm system is in place. Since the wallpapers were loosening, it was decided to remove them and paint the first floor in light blue and light gold.

Future Projects

Installed in 1905, our old slate roof has developed leaks. The UCC Board of Directors, in consultation with the Westminster Foundation of WV, which owns the building, has decided to replace the roof with new slate and downspouts. The work will be done in the Spring and Summer of 2018. May it last another 100 years!